A Beautiful Lie or The Ugly Truth / the new album by Mark Vennis & Different Place / Produced by Duncan Lefeuvre
Different Place are Mark Vennis, Dave Sweetenham, Daniel Hunnisett, Sean Quinn, Brian Gee.
Hailing from South of Guildford and North of Portsmouth Mark Vennis & Different Place write and play songs with attitude.

To the Bright and Shining Sun
Achilles & That Heel
Last of the Holdouts
Silent City
We Were Only Boys Back Then
Little Caesar
Ain’t No Choice
Remains Unspoken
Road out of Town

16 Tons*
The Dustbowl Today
No Safety Net
Where Do We Go From Here?
Deep Dark Blues

Bonus Album Tracks:
We Were Only Boys Back Then (Full length version)
Achilles & That Heel (Remix)


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Reviews for A Beautiful Lie Or The Ugly Truth

Vive Le Rock August 2018: 8/10 “There’s a palpable warmth and humanity on display here that’s very welcome in the harsh and perplexing world of 2018. “A Beautiful Lie or The Ugly Truth” is a gem of an album that deserves to reach a wide audience.”

Uberrock June 2018: “Vennis may have found a long-lost Clash songbook, and then cross-referenced its contents with Billy Bragg and Frank Carter… The mix of styles, which possibly could jar with each other but instead flow neatly and complementarily, No Safety Net’ maintains the societal commentary, but without being aggressive or confrontational: in fact, it sounds more resigned than rebellious, sort of turning the punk ethos which underpins much of the album on its head!”

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Getreadytorock: April 2018 ★★★★ “It’s not a shiny, polished, big production, and in some way it benefits from that – allowing the songs and delivery to flourish. And while acknowledged influences include Johnny Cash, The Clash, Steve Earl, The Ruts, Springsteen, John Lee Hooker, Howling Wolf, John Martyn and Ry Cooder, the overarching vibe is one of the mid- Seventies when there was an explosion of raw talent”

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Fireworks magazine, July 2018: “Vennis’s sneering  slightly off key Punky delivery is well to the fore in the sharp “Little Caesar” …. “ Achilles and That Heel” has more spite…this deeply personal project has a very interesting feel, from heartfelt acoustic riffing to bright riffing and an early eighties feel (“Ain’t no Choice”)”

Album Trailer
From the album 'A Beautiful Lie or The Ugly Truth'

The dog starting howling
As they walked up the drive
Just gone 8 as I recall
They said they gotta
Take back the house
Just gimme more time i pleaded with them

And I looked at him and said maybe I’ll be waiting
And I looked at him and said maybe I’ll be long gone

Last Of The Holdouts you and me and no-one else
Last Of The Holdouts this is all we got left

They gamble with our money
They gamble with our lives
Put a gun barrel to our temples
Play tricks with their lies
The stuff of this life
The stuff of this death
What’s wrong with turning it back on them

And I looked at him and said are you really for real
And I looked at him and said thats no square deal

Last Of The Holdouts you and me and no-one else
Last Of The Holdouts this is all we got left
Last Of The Holdouts this is our world too

I took to the streets
What else could I do
Live like an animal
Thats what I’m cut down too
Took a torch to my house
Burnt it to the ground
If I can’t have it then why should they

And I looked at him and said man I’m gonna blow my cool
And I looked at him and said your taking us all for fools

Last Of The Holdouts you and me and no-one else
Last Of The Holdouts this is all we got left
Last Of The Holdouts run down and run aground
Last Of The Holdouts this is our world too

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Reviews for Uncharted Water

Mint South: “Singer/guitarist Mark Vennis has recorded a sonic tribute to Portsmouth, in the form of Uncharted Water, Faded Glory And Other Stories, telling tales of a life lived on the other side of the Gosport ferry route- starting appropriately enough with Portsdown Hill, both lovelorn lament for younger days and recognition of an icon, as good a summing up of the intent behind the project as any most likely”

Louder than War: “Now, he is a terribly talented man who has crafted some excellent songs here…….these are country and roots rock songs, just the same as in America, mirroring songs by John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen” Full review here:

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Vive Le Rock: “An ode to the highs and lows of growing up near Portsmouth, this opening track from ‘Uncharted Water, Faded Glory and Other Stories’ is a soulful/indie rock ‘n’ roll track from Mark Vennis and his band, Different Place. With two Strummerfests under their belts, this is the real deal.”

Rock Regeneration: “I love their sound, and the vocals always hook me in. There is a quality, a certain something to the sound. A rebel attitude, a DIY mentality; and the sound is uncompromising. Yet betraying this are the quality and production values. The songwriting hits that perfect spot of storytelling – not simple ideas regurgitated, but heartfelt tales of normal folk. It just sounds great and they have a habit of writing poignant songs and catchy tunes. This EP is no different, mixing their Indie/Rock sound with elements of Blues and that hint of Punk attitude. … There is a raw honestness to the album which gives it a vibe that captures the ethos of Cash and Clash. The album possesses the theme of traveling, let Mark guide you, as he has crafted some interesting and intimate stories for you to listen to”

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Review of Last of the Holdouts EP
Review of We Were Only Boys Back Then EP

From the album 'A Beautiful Lie or The Ugly Truth'

Go off and fight a war
Thousands of miles away
Go off and sell your soul
Brother that ain’t me

Rules to regulate
Who the hell I am

And all the people come & stare
They don’t understand
What it is, how I am
Where I’m going now

Got in trouble with the law
For not caring enough
Paying no respect
To god, flag & country

Well man don’t you weep for me
I’ve seen more than you’ll ever see

And all the people come & stare
They don’t understand
What it is, how I am
Where I’m going now

Here I am
With no safety net
The time is now
Better place your bets

I’ve felt pain like you’d never believe
I’ve seen things you’ve only ever dreamed
My heart is heavy from what I’ve seen

A beautiful lie
Or the ugly truth
Rotten on the vine
Or still bearing fruit

My only gods are in front of me
It’s the only place I feel free